Publications - 2012

Serum microRNAs as biomarkers for recurrence in melanoma

Friedman, E. B., Shang, S., de Miera, E. V., Fog, J. U., Teilum, M. W., Ma, M. W., Berman, R. S., Shapiro, R. L., Pavlick, A. C., Hernando, E., Baker, A., Shao, Y., & Osman, I. (2012). Journal of translational medicine, 10, 155.

PMID: 22857597

Challenging the current paradigm of melanoma progression: brain metastasis as isolated first visceral site

Ma, M. W., Qian, M., Lackaye, D. J., Berman, R. S., Shapiro, R. L., Pavlick, A. C., Golfinos, J. G., Parker, E. C., Darvishian, F., Hernando, E., Shao, Y., & Osman, I. (2012). Neuro-oncology, 14(7), 849–858.

PMID: 22561799

MicroRNA-22 is induced by vitamin D and contributes to its antiproliferative, antimigratory and gene regulatory effects in colon cancer cells

Alvarez-Díaz, S., Valle, N., Ferrer-Mayorga, G., Lombardía, L., Herrera, M., Domínguez, O., Segura, M. F., Bonilla, F., Hernando, E., & Muñoz, A. (2012). Human molecular genetics, 21(10), 2157–2165.

PMID: 22328083

Histology-specific microRNA alterations in melanoma

Poliseno, L., Haimovic, A., Segura, M. F., Hanniford, D., Christos, P. J., Darvishian, F., Wang, J., Shapiro, R. L., Pavlick, A. C., Berman, R. S., Hernando, E., Zavadil, J., & Osman, I. (2012). The Journal of investigative dermatology, 132(7), 1860–1868.

PMID: 22551973

MiR-182 overexpression in tumourigenesis of high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma.

Liu, Z., Liu, J., Segura, M. F., Shao, C., Lee, P., Gong, Y., Hernando, E., & Wei, J. J. (2012). The Journal of pathology, 228(2), 204–215.

PMID: 22322863