Publications - 2018

Identification of gene expression levels in primary melanoma associated with clinically meaningful characteristics

Gorlov, I., Orlow, I., Ringelberg, C., Hernando, E., Ernstoff, M. S., Cheng, C., Her, S., Parker, J. S., Thompson, C. L., Gerstenblith, M. R., Berwick, M., & Amos, C. (2018). Melanoma research, 28(5), 380–389.

PMID: 29975213

Differential phosphorylation and N-terminal configuration of capsid subunits in parvovirus assembly and viral trafficking

Gil-Ranedo, J., Hernando, E., Valle, N., Riolobos, L., Maroto, B., & Almendral, J. M. (2018). Virology, 518, 184–194.

PMID: 29524834

Primary melanoma histologic subtype impacts melanoma specific survival and response to systemic therapy

Lattanzi, M., Lee, Y., Simpson, D., Moran, U., Darvishian, F., Kim, R. H., Hernando, E., Polsky, D., Hanniford, D., Shapiro, R., Berman, R., Pavlick, A. C., Wilson, M. A., Kirchhoff, T., Weber, J. S., Zhong, J., & Osman, I. (2019). Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 111(2), 180–188.

PMID: 29912415

miR-204-5p and miR-211-5p contribute to BRAF inhibitor resistance in melanoma

Díaz-Martínez, M., Benito-Jardón, L., Alonso, L., Koetz-Ploch, L., Hernando, E., & Teixidó, J. (2018). Cancer research, 78(4), 1017–1030.

PMID: 29229605

Lysyl oxidase-like 3 is required for melanoma cell survival by maintaining genomic stability

Santamaría, P. G., Floristán, A., Fontanals-Cirera, B., Vázquez-Naharro, A., Santos, V., Morales, S., Yuste, L., Peinado, H., García-Gómez, A., Portillo, F., Hernando, E., & Cano, A. (2018). Cell death and differentiation, 25(5), 935–950.

PMID: 29229995